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  • gcdreamer05
    11-10 02:52 PM
    --- bump ---

    so many views but no replies yet :(

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  • rubinop
    04-15 01:46 PM
    You are not loosing anything. Continue on H-1B with current salary as long as it satisfies LCA made for H-1B petition.

    You do not have to say anything to DOL. Your LC might be approved after the audit process. Then comes I-140, where the ability to pay comes into question. This could be difficult to get approved based on the situation you described.

    If you have more time on H-1B, try to switch to different employer and restart the Greencard process.

    Yes, if my LC will get approved in the iterim, I might be safe, but with no time left on the H1-B, and with the reduction of salary that will be applied very soon, I don''t think this is going to happen. Unless, as you said, I won't be lucky enough to get approved really soon.

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  • kicca
    01-25 10:49 AM

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  • sobers
    06-02 10:40 AM
    you're absolutely right jkays94. FAIR, NumbersUSA (mentioned above) and are all part of the John Tanton Network. (he also founded US English and other population-control organizations). The SPLC did a feature story on him some time ago. I posted the link to that in one of my earlier posts.


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  • fromnaija
    07-20 04:59 PM
    I'll be checking the source of this. I'll be glad if you could point me in the right direction. Thanks.
    However, this does not apply to the first poster (juz4forums). But it does answer the question of the second poster(immiguy).

    Suject to certain conditions, children born abroad to permanent resident mothers are permanent residents. The requirements are that such a child must be brought to the U.S. on the mother's first return trip, and this trip must occur before the child is two years of age. I think, the child in this situation does not need a visa. Please check with your lawyer.

    The necessary paperwork is processed at the port of entry, based on the mother's permanent resident status and birth certificate for the child.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • abhijitp
    02-14 07:02 PM
    A friendly bump from NORCAL;)


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  • dalasengineer
    10-04 04:38 PM
    I was issued a license based on my EAD expiration date. Same for my wife. We went back to DMV to get license extended based on I 94 expiry date. My I94 expiry date was different than ED expiration date as the customs gave expiry date which is 1 year later than EAD expriation date. I asked the customs officer why the date was different than my EAD date. He told my stay was valid till my I94 expiry date.
    Anyways, IOWA DMV extended our license based on I94 date and we came back happy to know that we shall not have to walk in -30F to fetch our grocery as we wait to get our renewed EAD..


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  • arjun007
    01-26 12:53 PM
    H1B Stamping in Halifax Canada (only for revalidation)

    If this is your first H1 do not book your appointment. I had my H1 from my first company and I was going for the stamp for my third company.

    I Scheduled the appointment on the website. While scheduling it the page for entering the I-797 information (notice date, receipt date, receipt number) did not show up. But a few days before the appointment I logged in again to my account with the passport number and reference number, this page showed up and I entered the information. It is important to fill out this information and DS 156 online.
    I would suggest filling up a sample DS-156 offline and after reviewing it filling it up online. You should get 3 pages for the DS 156 and 2 of them have a barcode.
    *Do not glue the 2x2 photograph on the form.
    *Also do not leave any blank spaces (.... write NA)

    At the airport

    As soon as I got out of the immigration at Halifax, a few yards down the airport lounge I saw the Travelex foreign exchange and converted a few us dollars. there is a 7 $ fee for every transaction. If you have somebody with you, I would recommend both of you to do the transaction in one go. I recommend not taking a cab to the city. It costs 54 Canadan $. There is a shuttle service managed by AIRPORTER. Its 18 $ per person. Book your ticket in the airport terminal itself. Ask the driver to drop you at Delta Halifax (Hotel).

    -Scotia Bank
    Once you get down at Delta Halifax you will see the Scotia Bank Sign. Get into the building. The bank is in this building (Scotia Mall) right behind a fountain.
    Deposit the money and get the deposit slips stamped. I converted another 50 US $ for a 2 $ fee ( Cheaper than the airport). The food court is next to the bank. I ate at TASTE OF INDIA, but I would recommend the Chicken kabob platter at the Lebanese joint. After lunch I walked all the way through the skywalk to the PURDY WHARFS TOWER 2, behind the Casino, to check out the consulate, so that I do not have to struggle the next day to find it. The security at the reception area called a cab for us to my Dartmouth motel.

    I booked a motel (air+hotel package on ORBITZ) in Darthmouth, Nova Scotia (Comfort Inn, 456 Windmill rd) $ 72 per night for a 2 bed room. Its 20 minutes away from the city. 14 $ by cab. You can also take the bus number 51 (2$ coins only) right across the motel to the place called Bridge (it literally takes you to the bridge which connects Dartmouth and Halifax city). Remember to take the transfer stub and change the bus. Most of the buses from the bridge go to the Scotia Mall in Halifax. We travelled by bus for most of the day. It was very cold. January and temperature were around -20 C. There is a Chinese restaurant and a Pizza/Sub place right across the Motel. Also the Bridge area has a few places like Wendy's.

    -day of the interview
    My appt was at 9:30 , I was there by 8. They took me in. Gave me a list of documents to be kept ready (I was missing the travel itenary, fortunately my friend who was travelling with me had an extra copy). The security guy checks the documents and gives you a stub for the passport. Keep this stub safely, you have to show it the next day to get back your passport. (Its cool even if you lose it.The security guy is very freindly. He remembers people. A few had lost it, but no issue)

    - how long you have been in US
    - what degree (Masters or Bachelors)
    - how long with this company
    - why did you leave the first company
    - why did you leave the second company
    - when did you leave the company

    She told me ( as with other applicants) that my information is not in the new system called PIMPS, so its possible that I could not get my passport the next day at 3 pm.

    After the interview we went back to the scotia mall, had lebonese food, took a bus number 1 to the park lane mall ( you could also walk) and watched an awesome movie (Kite Runner)

    Next Tense day
    This was friday, my flight was at 6:15 pm. The US immigration closes at 5:30, so I had to be back to the airport at the most by 5:15 pm.
    I was at the consulate at 2:50 pm. I security guy let us in. Has a small chat with us. Said only a few passports are ready. unfortunate none of them were ours. We waited till 3:15 pm but the passports werent ready. There were 7 of us , only 2 were H1B. He asked us to come back at 4:30 pm, if not by then he ased us to enjoy our weekend at Halifax !! We went back to the Scotia mall, ate some more, came back at 4:00, clock was ticking...all 7 of us were there by 4:30 pm. All were very tensed, they had booked their tickets like us. 4:45 nothing yet....4:56 I got my passport, 4:59 my friends got my passport. We ran down to the reception, the security called a cab,
    All of us had got the Passports. The Taxi driver (Indian) drove like crazy to get us to the airport. It was rush hour and the Bridge is packed. The most amazing driving I have seen. We got to the airport at 5:30 pm, but they didnt let us check in as the Immigration was closed. I paid 200$ for 2 if us to rebook the next available flight next morning and stayed the whole night at the airport.

    Hope this information was useful. Too detail, but I was in the mood of writing after watching Kite Runner. Do watch it !


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  • iamlost
    07-24 10:37 PM

    Don't panic. USCIS rarely reopens an approved GC (only in cases of fraud or misrepresentation). If you are talking about the online status, I would not pay too much attention to it as it gives incorrect info sometimes.

    If you or your company did actually receive a RFE in the snail mail, get in touch with a good attorney and contact USCIS to see what is going on.

    Alternatively, you can contact USCIS customer service yourself, to put your mind at ease.

    Good luck.
    I am wondering if this has anything to do with the erroneous 140 approvals from TSC. So, they revised all the approvals to pending status ... and my 2.5 old approved case also got in midst of it ... Hmmm !!! This is killing man .... No peace even after GC !

    TSC Erroneously Issues I-140 Approval eMails on Premium Processing Cases
    The Texas Service Center (TSC) advised in late July 2009 that eMail notifications have incorrectly been sent, which indicate approvals of Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker (I-140) cases. These eMails are originating from the Premium Processing Unit due to a technical problem. The system is issuing these eMails in error shortly after the transmission of the eMail receipt.
    Erroneous I-140 Approval eMails do not have a Priority Date
    The erroneous eMail does not contain a priority date or EB classification for the case. TSC is working to address the technical problem. Employers who are unsure about any such communication received from the TSC Premium Processing Unit can contact that unit at the eMail address or phone number provided on the I-140 receipt notice.
    This likely is annoying and frustrating to individuals who believed their I-140 approvals were received in record time, only to find out that the approval eMail notification was erroneous. Although not specifically stated in the information released by TSC, it appears that this problem has been limited to eMail notifications. There was no indication that any hard-copy approval notices have been issued in error. MurthyDotCom and MurthyBulletin readers will be advised of any further information on this topic, when it is made available.

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  • keerthi
    04-04 03:10 PM
    Thanks for that reply. The company's business line is very niche and it started developing a technology for that niche market in India some 5 years back. I have been involved in the design and implementation of that technology right from its inception. In fact I am one of the core persons who designed and implemented the solution.

    Our customer base is increasing in the US. This is one of the reasons why I need to be transferred to the US. Several of our customers are coming up with unique requirements and it requires me to analyze them before providing them a solution. Also, some features of the technology are governed by a large set of exacting standards put forth by a consortium in the US. I am one of the members of that consortium and my presence cum contribution for my company in this regard is very much required.

    I possess extensive knowledge of my company's specific technology and software skills which are very rare (we do low level software development - not the ones that large software companies do). Also, there are only a handful of companies who deal with this market. I believe this should ideally classify me as a person having "specialized knowledge".

    Am I right?


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  • plreddy
    08-20 12:51 PM
    My 485 was approved on 8/11/2008 , where as wife's case is still pending.


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  • marblerock
    06-11 12:32 PM
    Mr. Sanju,

    We are all aware of what going on at the Senate floor and also about the ammendments that put forth on the floor. So my question is clear anc simple what ammendment is supported by CORE IV and what are we looking for.
    Because the passing of the current version of the bill will effect all the old cases which many people are in and I wont allow that to happen. I will try my best to avoid this situation to happen. Even though i have a MAster in engineering I will not support SKIL progran that will void the previously pending cases. Good try core IV yto make member to work towards the betterment of few people You know what such people are called" SELFFISH". Guys beware on whaT ACTIONS YOU ARE DOING SO THAT YOU WONT REPENT.

    Please feel free to influence any bill any way you please. Seems like you are in cotrol of your destiny. When you point that SELFISH finger at the IV core, also look at the three fingers pointing back at you.

    The IV position on the pertinent amendments already discussed on the floor is on the the front page of the website.
    If your are privy to the amendments being negotiated behind the scenes, please be kind and share the information with us. None of us has any information on these and as such cannot take a position.

    In my opinion you are asking for it. If everyone was not fatigued from last week, your allegedly disappearing thread would be flaming out pretty fast.


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  • Appu
    09-20 09:54 PM
    I haven't filed my I-140 yet but I also got a 3 year extension on my H1B. My lawyer, who used to work for the USCIS, says it is not necessary to notify them. She says they often get confused. With one of her previous clients, they actually said "that's OK".

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  • srikanthmavurapu
    08-16 12:29 PM
    Hi ,
    I have a problem with my employer. He never paid me ontime and he didn't paid me since April,2010. So i have applied for H1 trasfer as i am having problems with this Employer. My H1 got approved and now my old employer sent me a notice saying i am in breach of agreement and i should not work for the same client and he will sue me for 50,000 dollars .
    Then i replied him saying since he is not paying me from past 4 months his agreement got voided as he is in Material Breach of Agreement.
    He is still giving me hard time. Can any one please give some suggestions like if i also proceed legally will it be helpful to me .


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  • coolmanasip
    07-19 09:39 AM
    If we submit tax returns then do CIS check those to see what exsumptions we have taken etc??? One of my friend by mistake took hope credits coupld yrs ago and is terrified that CIS may catch this if he sends the tax returns so he has been fighting with his attorney about not sending it!! both he and his wife are earning and no dependents. Any thoughts on the situation??

    I told him checking the tax returns is not CIS's function!! That is IRS.......he should relax. By the way, what happens if he approaches IRS saying it was an honest mistake and pays off the exsumption he took.

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  • paskal
    12-26 01:27 AM
    so that it's seen in the morning :)



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  • gst76
    02-19 12:52 PM
    I don't know if it is mandatory rule but it definitely is a strong message from US Embassy in Canada. I registered for my trip to visit Canada in Oct 2006, but eventually backed out after reading this message. I don't know if the same message is still being shown or not.

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  • santb1975
    02-17 01:02 PM
    We look forward to seeing everyone there

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  • lazycis
    04-06 04:48 PM
    lazycis, jhaalaa, meridiani - Thanks for your guys rock. :cool:

    I believe Jhaalaa trying to caution me not to take chances and move to another employer, which could potentially cause RFE to my case. If so, thanks for you concern.

    Meridiani thanks for the doc. I will read through it.

    One more question, when I first filed my LC, I made x dollars, then I got a promotion and now making x+10K. When I move to a new employer, should I make x dollars? or x+10K? or is it okay to make x-10K? :confused:

    See question 5 in the memo.
    Salary discrepancies do not really matter. It's certainly OK to make x+10 on the new job. Come on, some LC were filed 5 years ago. In my case my salary almost doubled by the time I-485 was approved (and I was working for a new company as well). It's good to be cautious, but you should not be overly concerned with these issues as the law only says that your new occupation has to be same or similar to that mentioned in LC. The USCIS never implemented the regulations regarding portability. And I never heard of the case where I-485 was denied because of the portability issue (if it was invoked after 180 days).

    06-22 09:40 AM
    My colleague told me that he took only chest X-ray and not done skin test he got his GC.
    hemasar....dont give wrong information. Just becuse your colleague said that he got it does not make it a law. Please be prudent in providing correct legal information!

    02-17 09:32 AM
    I have a couple of questions:
    1. In the AP application form, there is a question on when you intend to travel. What should I enter there when I am only applying for some future travel and am not sure about the dates?
    2. I had worked on OPT after my graduation before switching to H1 visa. So when I apply for EAD now, should I apply as a renewal applicant or a new applicant? Is OPT the same as EAD?


    I mentioned the following:
    "Need to visit family in home country from time to time given the long adjudication process for I-485"

    For date of travel, I put down a date approximately one month from the date of application (my thinking was that if travel date was sufficiently near, then the AP would be approved sooner - and I did get my AP approved in 22 days - not sure if it was because of the travel date - but it might have helped).



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